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Plone sprint in Sorrento, Italy

by Nicolas Bossut last modified 2007-03-20 10:50

The next Plone sprint will take place in Sorrento (Naples, Italy), from March 27 to April 2. With 64 participants from 14 countries it is probably the biggest Plone sprint ever to take place in Italy.

This seven days event will be an opportunity to work on the next generation Plone (3.0 / 3.5) and also discuss non-technical aspects of Plone and open source software.

From the official announcement:

"An early spring sprint at a beautiful location on the Italian coast. The sprint will focus on topics of interest for Plone 3.5. Potential topics include custom membership, extending Plone's use of AJAX, content export/import, and much more."

In that occasion Xavier Heymans will present the work of Zea Partners to promote Zope / Plone at EU level and beyond :

  1. Flossimpact : A study of the impact of OS on EU economy. Xavier will present a summary of the study findings and discuss the potential for Plone.
  2. EU research on  open source : Zea is involved in 3 EU research projects: Qualoss, Flossmetrics and SQO-OSS. The research will focus on OS software quality and metrics on Open Source Communities. The presentation will include a discussion of the potential impact for the community and users, and suggestions on how to involve the OS community and transfer expertise.

The sprint will also be an opportunity for sharing experience about 2 leading Plone based egovernement projects : PloneGov (Switzerland) and CommunesPlone (Belgium/France) and investigate potentiel areas of collaboration between projects.

Based on a news by Reflab