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CommunesPlone organizes the first international Plone e-Gov workshop

by Nicolas Bossut last modified 2007-05-26 18:32

A growing number of local governments are choosing the open source Plone CMS for their web infrastructure. Doing so they provide new services to their citizens and improve internal administrative processes. Mutualization of resources opens the way to a new form of collaboration. The workshop goal is to bring together experts from several regions. The expected benefits of this transnational collaboration are to share applications, best practices and investments.

"Communesplone has already attracted interest in several EU countries and abroad, and highlights the potential of innovation FLOSS can provide to public administration. Its impact is unusual in terms of opportunity for innovation, standardization and economy of scale while gaining independence from large IT providers".

18 Belgian and French local governments participate in the CommunesPlone project. They are developing essentially by themselves and in a cooperative manner, applications and websites for their own use as well as for their citizens’.

PloneGov is a similar Swiss initiative, initially developed for the cities of Basel and Bern, the project is now aiming to reach Swiss local governments.

Udalerria web plataforma project focuses on providing Plone based web services to Basque local governments in Spain.

In each of these projects, the close interaction between local governments, SME and an open source community has provided benefits in term of services, training and dissemination. Contacts with other regions confirmed that local governments face similar challenges and needs in most countries.

The workshop goal is to set the path to international collaboration and to develop generic tools adapted to the needs of local governments. This approach closely matches the priorities of the EU to bring the benefits of IT to all, while supporting the development of innovative ecosystem creating and sustaining new technologies.

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