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PloneGov finalist of the European e-Government Awards 2009

by xavier last modified 2009-10-12 14:56

The open source initiative PloneGov has been selected among the 52 best European e-Government projects, and is invited to present the project at the 5th Ministerial eGovernment Conference, - a joint event organised by the European Commission and the Swedish EU Presidency, which aims at monitoring progress in eGovernment, accelerating the adoption of eGovernment policies in Europe and identifying research priorities for the future.

 More info about the EU eGovernment awards:  and list of Finalists

About PloneGov

While being open to any public organization, PloneGov is one of the few projects, initiated by and focusing on the smallest local administrations while remaining open to any kind of collaboration. This original point has been highlighted by the EU-funded“Public Sector and Open Source Software” report:

The PloneGov model had a spatial and societal dimension right from the beginning, as it aims at integrating more and more municipalities and commercial partners across Europe”.

Thus, PloneGov target group is not restricted to a region, a language, a culture or a type of organization. In this sense, it aims at and to give anybody the opportunity to benefit from e-government’s advantages.

More about PloneGov: About, News, Subcommunities (members initiatives), References, Cases Studies


About the European eGovernment Awards

The fourth edition of European eGovernment Awards, organised by the European Commission, selects good practices on the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in public service.

At the Ministerial Conference, high-level speakers and 1 000 delegates representing Member States, EFTA and candidate countries, the European Commission, international and regional organisations such as the United Nations and the OECD, leaders of the ICT industry and its main organisations including Digital Europe, as well as academia and others will meet in more than 20 sessions to discuss topics of particular interest to actors in the field of eGovernment.

During the Conference, a major display of 52 real-life eGovernment solutions and applications will be organised to highlight new developments in Europe and to build upon these in order to stimulate the take-up and dissemination of good practices.

The European eGovernment Awards are organised every two years. The aim is to identify and select good practices in the use of ICT in public services and highlight the benefits of ICT to society, including:

  • Improved quality of life of citizens
  • Increased public trust in government
  • Increased competitiveness of European enterprises

Following the eligibility screening, each submitted case has been evaluated by a panel of independent experts. The experts work separately in a first phase of the evaluation process and agree on a ranking in the second to ensure the highest standards and complete impartiality. The result of the first two phases of the evaluation was the selection of the 52 finalists. The winners of the 2009 Awards will be announced the 19th November at the Awards ceremony.