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PloneGov Italia: a very active spring is planned

by Cesare Brizio last modified 2010-04-13 14:06

RedTurtle Technology is engaged in the organization of two PloneGov Italia events, and continues to support the Italian branch of PloneGov, whose vitality is paving the road to an increase in the number of organizations adopting the PloneGov collaborative model.

PloneGov Italia: a very active spring is planned

PloneGov Italia Logo

Two PloneGov-related initiatives will take place in Italy in April and May 2010

The National Health Authority (AUSL) of Ferrara celebrates the World Plone Day with an event for PloneGov Italia Members and prospect members.

RedTurtle Technology is supporting one of its customers, the National Health Authority (AUSL) of Ferrara, in the organization of an event where Plone popularization goes along with best practices of the Public Organizations in Ferrara that are PloneGov members, and the Public Health sector in general, represented also by the AUSL Bologna, the Ospedali Galliera Genova hospital and by the Emilia Romagna Region itself (in Italy the Regions manage public expenditures related with health).

More information (Italian text only) can be found here.

PloneGov Members including Sapienza Università di Roma, Università di Ferrara and Regione Emilia Romagna organize the first edition of "P4UR - Plone for University and Research", an event for the Italian institutions of the Academic and Research area.

The event, born from a synergy among Italian ZEA Partners and in particular RedTurtle Technology, and their Customers form the Academic sector, will be hosted by the CNR (National Research Council) site of Bologna, and will include case studies from several universities and research Institutions like ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Development) and the CNR itself, whose ISMAR (Institute for Marine Sciences) is using Plone.

This will be the first opportunity for all those organizations - that have been adopting Plone independently - to share impressions and experiences about Plone, to discover the large width and the depth of its diffusion, and to strengthen each other. The PloneGov collaborative model will be thoroughly illustrated: among the expected outcome of this event, an increase in the number of PloneGov Italia Members.

A link to the event website will be published as soon as it will be available.