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Libre software research meets libre software developers at FOSDEM

by Nicolas Bossut last modified 2007-03-20 10:51

Zea academic partner, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, organizes a research room at FOSDEM. The goal is to explore opportunities of exchange and collaboration between open source researchers and open source communities.

Libre (free, open source) software development has been gaining attention from the research community during the last years. Currently, many research groups are focused on understanding, and trying to improve, the practices, procedures and products of the libre software development community. This research is starting to produce a new view on many aspects of the classical software engineering paradigms. In fact, if the lessons shown in most classical software engineering texts were applied to almost any libre software development project, it should be concluded that it was headed to failure. And yet it moves... Libre software is showing a new way of organizing software development projects, in forms that make success possible under circumstances previously thought to be unmanageable.

In this context, the relationship between research groups focused on understanding libre software, and software development groups actually producing libre software, can be of great interest for both parties. FOSDEM, probably the largest meeting point for libre software developers in Europe, provides an opportunity for this contact and exchange of ideas. The idea of the Research Room at FOSDEM is to explore the opportunities of this exchange, and what happens when developers and researchers are put together in the same (physical) space.

This Research Room is sponsored by the following projects (although the meeting is completely open to anyone interested):

All these projects are funded in part by the European Commission, under the Information Society Technologies (IST) research programme of the Sixth Framework Program.

Time schedule

Saterday 24th, 14:15-18:00

  • 14:15-14:30 Welcome, schedule and practical issues (by Jesus M. Gonzalez Barahona)
  • 14:30-16:00 Session "Research about libre software in Europe" (presentation of research projects)
    • FLOSSWORLD (by Rishab Ghosh)
    • SQO-OSS (by Georgios Gousios)
    • FLOSSMETRICS (by Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona)
    • QUALOSS (by Jean-Christophe Deprez)
    • QUALIPSO (by Ha-Quoc Viet)
    • Comments, questions and discussion
  • 16:00-18:00 Session "Research and Libre Software (I)" (presentation of reviewed short papers)
    • AdaCore Quaility Procedures (by Romain Berrendonner and Jose Ruiz)
    • Linux distribution testing and quality assurance: current developments of the EDOS project and open questions (by Francois Dechelle)
    • A reference model for F/OSS process management (by Ciaran Bryce)
    • Use of grid computing for Debian Quality Assurance (by Lucas Nussbaum)

Sunday 25th Feb. (9:00-13:00)

  • 9:00-11:00 Session "Research and Libre Software (II)" (presentation of reviewed short papers)
    • Snapshot on the EDOS distribution system (by Radu POP)
    • New generation of Linux Meta-installers (by Paulo Trezentos)
    • Determining developer habits and intuition through the use of interactive chat sessions (by Martin F Krafft)
    • Identifying challenges for a productive and sustainable Open Source ecosystem (by Jens Hardings)
  • 11:00-13:00 Panels and open discussion
    • Panel: "Issues of Company Involvement in Open Source Software Projects"
    • Motivation and presentation (Matthias Stuermer, chair)
    • Firms' involvement in the projects of the OS community (short presentation by Cristina Rossi)
    • Open discussion
    • "Research and libre software" (what can research about libre software contribute to libre software development; what do developers feel about research)
    • Some academics and developers (3 min. position talk each, then open discussion)

More information

  • FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Software Developers European Meeting)
  • Libresoft (Libre Software Engineering - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos)