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Royal Bank of Scotland embraces open source

by Nicolas Bossut last modified 2007-03-16 15:25

The Royal Bank of Scotland has revealed that it is working on a large content management system based on the open source application server Zope.

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is moving its intranet to open source Zope application server. RBS interest in OSS solutions  cleared in the second half of 2005, after the recruitment message sent on Zope mailing list, but the bank didn't provide early details about the project.

RBS needs of reliability, affordability and control are highly met by Zope solution, as stated by IT consultant and Reflab's partner Graham Oakes: 

"You don't need an all-singing and dancing fancy Web site if it's not for your customers," he said. "People have more control over their own intranet, for example, if people have a problem using it, you can train them. You can't do that for customers," he explained.

RBS's choice is likely to produce positive side effects over the reputation of Zope as a solid and powerful system for enterprises and business companies.