Awards Zea Partners awards daily 1 2007-01-30T12:07:26Z Plone wins 2009 Best Other Open Source CMS award After three months of intensive nominations and voting, Packt Publishing is pleased to announce that Plone has won the Best Other Open Source CMS Category in the 2009 Open Source CMS Award. No publisher xavier awards 2009-11-26T13:58:36Z News Item PloneGov finalist of the European e-Government Awards 2009 The open source initiative PloneGov has been selected among the 52 best European e-Government projects, and is invited to present the project at the 5th Ministerial eGovernment Conference, - a joint event organised by the European Commission and the Swedish EU Presidency, which aims at monitoring progress in eGovernment, accelerating the adoption of eGovernment policies in Europe and identifying research priorities for the future. No publisher xavier awards spotlight EU-policy-research 2009-09-17T09:38:26Z News Item PloneGov: Swiss branch wins the Swiss eGovernment Award 2008 won the prestigious Swiss eGovernment Award 2008 at the annual eGovernment Symposium in Bern on Nov 18 2008. This price rewards for its innovative approach and becomes the 7th international recognition received by the PloneGov initiative and its members projects over the last 18 months. No publisher xavier awards 2008-11-27T11:06:17Z News Item PloneGov: Newport News wins the 2008 Havlick award Newport News, a 180.000 inhabitants city of Virginia (USA), is the leader of the Open e-Gov open source project, one of PloneGov subcommunities. Following Paris, Lisbon, Brussels and Dublin, this new award becomes the 5th nomination in less than a year for the PloneGov initiative and collaborating Public Organizations. No publisher xavier awards 2008-05-16T10:47:44Z News Item University of Bedfordshire’s SilvaCMS site wins Heist Award for ‘Best Website’ The SilvaCMS-powered website of the University of Bedfordshire won a Bronze prize for ‘Best Website’ in the prestigious Heist Awards. No publisher infrae awards 2008-05-13T08:57:56Z News Item PloneGov: Health Atlas Ireland wins the Irish Public Service Excellence Award 2008 Health Atlas Ireland is an open source application developed to bring health related datasets, statistical tools and GIS together in a web environment to add value to existing health data. The application is part of the PloneGov project, an international Plone based egovernment collaborative initiative. No publisher nbossut awards spotlight 2008-04-24T16:41:30Z News Item Plone: Kent Connects project makes final four in Innovation Awards The Kent Connects 'Portal of Portals' project has been shortlisted in the final four in the category of Best Government to Government Project in this year's GC Awards for Innovation. A central part of the Kent Connects is built on the Plone content management system. No publisher nbossut awards 2008-04-18T10:01:27Z News Item Plone: PLINKIT Collaborative receives ASCLA Leadership and Professional Achievement Award The goal of the Plinkit Collaborative is to provide pre-built, easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy websites for libraries using Plone. While Plinkit was initially focused on serving small and/or rural libraries, Plone has made it easy to meet the needs of other library types (e.g. museum, school, and community college libraries). Currently, the four founding states have deployed Plinkit to over 225 libraries. No publisher xavier awards 2009-04-10T15:51:18Z News Item Python: fastest growing programming language in 2007. According to the Tiobe Community Index - based on hits on major search engines - Python is now the seventh most popular programming language. Python had the largest increase in ratings of any language in 2007 and has become the de facto glue language at system level. No publisher xheymans awards 2008-03-11T12:22:19Z News Item PloneGov awarded by the European Commission The PloneGov team is proud to announce that their eGovernment open source initiative based on Plone has been awarded the “Good Practice label 2007”. PloneGov receives this prestigious label based on the recommendation from the 2007 European eGovernment Awards consortium. No publisher nbossut awards spotlight EU-policy-research 2007-11-27T14:27:35Z News Item PloneGov selected finalist of the European e-Government Awards PloneGov is selected among the 52 best European e-Government projects, and is invited to present the project at the fourth Ministerial eGovernment Conference held in Lisbon in September 2007. PloneGov projects relies on 2 renowned open source software : Plone and Zope. Its success results from a close collaboration between public organizations and Zea Partners, an international network of SME building Zope and Plone solutions. No publisher nbossut awards spotlight EU-policy-research 2007-10-27T06:34:19Z News Item PloneGov wins a prestigious open source project award in Paris We are proud to announce that the new Plone e-government initiative won the biggest French award for open source projects on June 13 during a ceremony held in the town hall of the city of Paris. This award, called "Grand prix du jury des Lutèce d'Or 2007", demonstrates PloneGov work quality and encourages us to continue on this way. No publisher nbossut awards spotlight 2007-07-24T16:01:53Z News Item Plone: Best IST research project website Plone a winning technology: the 2 best IST projects websites are built on Plone. The jury outlined a number of Plone technical qualities: ease of navigation, good presentation and compliance with the W3C guidelines on web accessibility. No publisher nbossut awards 2007-01-05T11:20:07Z News Item 2006 Open Source Content Management System Award Packt Publishing announced the winners of the 2006 Open Source Content Management System Award. The winners include Plone. No publisher nbossut awards 2007-01-15T13:50:49Z News Item Award - TR Property Website Ranks Second in FTSE250 Quality Survey New award for a Plone website developed by Netsight, UK No publisher nbossut awards 2007-07-10T10:11:33Z News Item