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Zea at SolutionsLinux 2003

by paul last modified 2007-01-17 15:23

The year 2003 kicks off fast on for Zope in Europe. At the beginning of February (Feb 4-6), Zope Europe has organized a Zope pavilion at the SolutionsLinux exhibition in Paris, showing Zope and making it known to the public.

In parallel to this strong appearance, Zope Europe is running a sprint focused on the development of the new Zope 3 User Interface.

At SolutionsLinux we have reserved a shared space for Zope companies and the Zope community. Companies will be presenting their work, and the community will show what is happening in the world of Zope, including cool projects like Plone and Zope 3. From time to time we will also have guest stars coming from the UI sprint to tell about the progress and do presentations about how Zope 3 is being developed.

If you really are interested in Zope, don't miss out the opportunity to meet Zope developers, businessmen and community members at one place! SolutionsLinux is free, requiring only a registration via web at :

For more information:

If you have any questions or would like to join the team and do a presentation on some subject, please send email to: