Zea Partners News http://www.zeapartners.org Zea Partners articles daily 1 2006-01-20T16:08:49Z FLOSSMetrics: Exploiting Open Source Research results for Industry http://www.zeapartners.org/articles/exploiting-open-source-research-results-for-industry01 FLOSSMetrics stands for Free/Libre Open Source Software Metrics. This project has been established because Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) is becoming increasingly important not only in the primary but also in the secondary software sector. The project has recently release a booklet providing reliable and comprehensive information on existing FLOSS projects and products. Thus, helping to find, evaluate and implement the right software for your needs. No publisher xavier 2009-12-11T08:20:49Z News Item PloneGov case study: Kent Connects Information Sharing Portal http://www.zeapartners.org/articles/kent-connects-case-study001 UK public organizations in Kent and Medway collaborate in an innovative open source project. The Kent Connects Information Sharing Portal has been developed to create a flexible, virtual online space for any Kent Connects partner to share information via the internet in a secure way. This allows groups, communities, partnerships or individuals across these partner organisations to access documents, minutes, agendas etc from a central, secure store. No publisher xavier cases-studies 2009-11-26T14:01:27Z News Item Come see Plone at IMS 2009 in London Dec 2nd - 4th http://www.zeapartners.org/Members/netsight/come-see-plone-at-ims-2009 Once again, Plone will be exhibiting at the IMS 2009 Expo. IMS, together with the Online Information 2009 conference, takes place the 2nd - 4th December at Earls Court Olympia, London. No publisher netsight 2009-11-27T14:24:37Z News Item Questioning EC leadership on interoperability http://www.zeapartners.org/articles/questioning-ec-leadership-on-interoperability09 Open Forum Europe (OFE) has reacted strongly against a leaked draft of the revision to the European Interoperability Framework (EIF), expressing deep disappointment with the new wording and serious doubts about the transparency of the process that led to it. Letters have been sent to the responsible Commissioner Kallas and Director General Garcia-Moran, and to the CIOs of all Member States calling for a withdrawal of the document. It has also contrasted it to the statement made by the Swedish Presidency last week. No publisher xavier EU-policy-research 2009-11-26T13:40:28Z News Item Plone wins 2009 Best Other Open Source CMS award http://www.zeapartners.org/articles/plone-wins-2009-best-other-open-source-cms-award After three months of intensive nominations and voting, Packt Publishing is pleased to announce that Plone has won the Best Other Open Source CMS Category in the 2009 Open Source CMS Award. No publisher xavier awards 2009-11-26T13:58:36Z News Item Future trends of the use of open-source software in public administration - a regional perspective http://www.zeapartners.org/articles/future-trends-of-oss-in-public-administration09 This seminar, organized by the Region of Extremadura - Spain, will include a discussion concerning current trends and future perspectives of open source software in European regions. During the roundtable, Xavier Heymans, CEO of Zea Partners, will present the PloneGov initiative. The event will take place in Brussels at Committee of the Regions (CoR) which is the political assembly that provides the regional and local levels with a voice in EU policy development and EU legislation. No publisher xavier 2009-11-20T16:28:44Z News Item Python: Conference Emphasises Language's Benefits http://www.zeapartners.org/articles/python-conference-nz2009 "Simplicity, Flexibility, Beauty!" is the theme for Kiwi PyCon 2009, a conference being held this Saturday and Sunday in Christchurch to promote the Python programming language in New Zealand. No publisher xavier 2009-11-20T15:46:39Z News Item PloneGov at the AICA 2009 Congress in Rome http://www.zeapartners.org/articles/plonegov-at-the-aica-2009-congress-in-rome The parallel sessions of friday 6 November afternoon will include a scientific workshop about PloneGov No publisher cesare 2009-11-03T15:04:37Z News Item PloneGov at the Com-PA 2009 Exhibition, Milan http://www.zeapartners.org/press/plonegov-at-the-com-pa-2009-exhibition PloneGov will be one of the case studies addressed by a panel of experts, discussing about open source in the frame of the e-gov 2012 Italian Government plan No publisher cesare 2009-10-27T15:51:42Z News Item PloneGov at the Technology Biz event in Naples on October 28 http://www.zeapartners.org/articles/28-october-plonegov-at-the-technology-biz-event-in-naples The best practices of the Public Organizations using Plone will be illustrated in the first edition of an event focused on the central theme "more ICT, less crisis" No publisher cesare 2009-10-15T16:52:22Z News Item Plone Foundation appoints Xavier Heymans to advisory board http://www.zeapartners.org/articles/plone-foundation-appoints-xavier-heymans-to-advisory-board2009 Xavier Heymans, CEO of Zea Partners, has been appointed to the Plone Foundation's advisory board. No publisher xavier EU-policy-research 2009-12-10T10:46:43Z News Item Conference brings programming language of the year to New Zealand http://www.zeapartners.org/articles/conference-brings-python-to-new-zealand2009 What do Google, YouTube, Weta Digital and the New Zealand Government share in common? They all rely on the 2009 Programming Language of the Year[1] - Python, for their daily operations. To promote Python's use in New Zealand the NZ Python User Group (NZPUG) is holding the first Kiwi PyCon conference in Christchurch at the Canterbury Innovation Incubator on November 7th and 8th. No publisher xavier 2009-09-30T15:59:35Z News Item Coopetition Strategy: theory, experiments and cases http://www.zeapartners.org/articles/coopetition-strategy-2009 In a dynamic business environment that accommodates many competing organizations that co-operate in networks, and where knowledge has become vital, it is necessary to improve our understanding of how these organizations manage such co-opetitive relationships. A new book is dedicated to the state-of-the-art of coopetition strategy regarded as a compelling mindset to exploit entirely the potential of actors’ interdependencies. A chapter investigates Zea Partners organization model as an example of Coopetition in knowledge-intensive multiparty alliance. No publisher xavier 2009-09-21T10:53:54Z News Item The Small/Medium Enterprise guide to Open Source Software http://www.zeapartners.org/articles/guide-for-sme-final-version001 The fourth edition of a guide to help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to adopt Open Source software has been published. This guide (developed in the context of the FLOSSMETRICS and OpenTTT projects) present a set of guidelines and suggestions for the adoption of open source software within SMEs, using a ladder model that will guide companies from the initial selection and adoption of FLOSS within the IT infrastructure up to the creation of suitable business models based on open source software. No publisher xavier EU-policy-research 2009-09-19T15:57:33Z News Item PloneGov finalist of the European e-Government Awards 2009 http://www.zeapartners.org/articles/plonegov-finalist-egov-awards2009 The open source initiative PloneGov has been selected among the 52 best European e-Government projects, and is invited to present the project at the 5th Ministerial eGovernment Conference, - a joint event organised by the European Commission and the Swedish EU Presidency, which aims at monitoring progress in eGovernment, accelerating the adoption of eGovernment policies in Europe and identifying research priorities for the future. No publisher xavier awards spotlight EU-policy-research 2009-09-17T09:38:26Z News Item