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OBOOE: European Federation for the Open Source Industry

by xavier last modified 2009-04-01 12:31

OBOOE is the new umbrella Federation bringing together European business associations and organizations related to free, libre and open source software. The Federation goals are to encourage cross-border networking between national initiatives and to become a voice for the sector.

OBOOE is a european initiative to bring closer together the companies and organisations related or using Free and Open Source Products. Its goal is to create a network between national organisations to provide more knowledge and business interchange in the european IT sector.

Most of the Free Software products an solutions in europe are created by small and medium enterprises. But the paneuropean communication on the market is mostly led by large international companies. We intend to give the european Open Source Software companies, Users from private economy and Public Sector a common voice.


OBOOE will:

  • Represent European OSS professionals.
  • Develop the open source market and industry by matchmaking, sharing of knowledge and business opportunities.
  • Raise awareness of open source business success stories with a focus on SMEs.
  • Support and promote the interests of the open source ecosystem.

We believe that:

  • Free software, open source and open standards are cornerstones of the Information Society.
  • Open Source Software ensures sustainable employment through local SME growth.
  • Innovation emerges from the free exchange of ideas, knowledge and technology.
  • Open Source Software is the best way to build an European software industry.
  • Collaboration between OSS businesses of European regions is essential for developing a prosperous industry.
  • A network of SMEs is most able to react to market changes and opportunities in a dynamic way.
  • By their natures SMEs carry local values and social responsibility.
  • OSS fosters competition and market efficiency and contributes to a thriving European economy.
  • OSS is a leverage to reduce the digital divide by promoting e-inclusion through the reduction of barriers to access to technology.