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PloneGov, an initiative coordinated by Zea

by Nicolas Bossut last modified 2008-09-09 12:38

Zea Partners promotes, organizes and administers the international activities of the PloneGov initiative. PloneGov is a global community of governments and vendors sharing a common base of free high quality eGovernment software.

The Zea association is actively promoting PloneGov’s superb accomplishments by publishing articles and case studies, organizing conferences, and coordinating sprints and international networking sessions.

Reports published by the EU Commission acclaim the PloneGov initiative for its impact on European Society based on a new model of international collaboration:

“PloneGov impact is unusual in terms of opportunity for innovation, standardization and economy of scale while gaining independence from large IT providers”.

“PloneGov is a new model of programming and maintenance capacities for public sector OSS activities.”

“The PloneGov model had a spatial and societal dimension right from the beginning, as it aims at integrating more and more municipalities and commercial partners across Europe”.

Spanning over 4 continents, the Zea Partners network of companies has been key to the international development of the project. The results highlight Zea’s expertise in this innovative project. Since its launch in June 2007, multiple awards have acknowledged PloneGov’s outstanding achievements:

parisaward lisbonaward
eulabel  health atlasawards openegov

Dozens of individuals, Public Organizations and SMEs are contributing to making PloneGov one of the best e-Government open source collaborative projects. The PloneGov team would like to thank all of them for their passion and hard work.