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English speaking media coverage

LinuxFormat publish a useful description of Plone for beginners

The UK's best selling Linux magazine publishes an article on Plone written for beginners and intermediates. It explains what are CMS, Plone features, Zope, Python, etc. It is an excellent way to discover Plone. (BACON J, Linux Format, May 2005)

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EU promoting the "libre" software model

by Nicolas Bossut — 2007-07-05 14:43

A key project in the EU IST (Information Society Technologies) programme is helping software designers and developers promote the ‘libre’ software model for software development. Zea Partners is identified as a "promising business model". (KARENSEN J., EU promoting the "libre" software model, in, 10.08.06)

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PloneGov snags Lutèce d'Or for Open source CMS efforts

Plone recently received a “Grand prix du jury des Lutèce d’Or 2007” in Paris for its e-government initiatives. The award is bestowed upon open source projects that demonstrate a degree of sustainability and quality in the industry. (NATIVIDAD A., PloneGov Snags Lutèce d'Or for Open Source CMS efforts, in CMSWire, 28.06.07)

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PloneGov looks for support as it prepares for Irish launch

The Plone and Zope Community have joined forces in Europe to develop an open source e-government project called PloneGov, which is being presented to the EU e-Gov awards, the largest e-Gov event in the EU. According to Xavier Heymans, CEO of Zea Partners, the community is looking to make PloneGov an international project and is calling for EU funding. ZEA is working with Irish member OpenApp to launch a similar project in Ireland. (Golden C., PloneGov looks for support as it prepares for Irish launch, in IT's Monday, Ireland, July 07)

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PloneGov : Bringing Plone to Local Governements

by Nicolas Bossut — 2009-06-30 11:35

Plone is one of the best known Free Software Content Management Systems (CMS) in the market. Much of the importance of Plone lies in its power and flexibility, enabling it to be applied in a wide variety of contexts.

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Plone Foundation sets open source standards

In May 2004, the Plone Foundation was formed as a supporting organization for Plone, an open source web content management solution. They have finally achieved one of their key objectives — to have the Plone community at large take ownership of the “Plone” word in nearly all areas of the world.

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OpenApp fixes sights on Open Community

by Nicolas Bossut — 2008-05-19 11:35

The company more commonly known as OpenApp, was one of the first organisations in Ireland to parent the open source culture to its business and has received numerous accolades including An Taoiseach's 'Irish Public Service Excellence Award 2008' for their Health Atlas Ireland system, developed as part of the PloneGov project, an international e-government initiative.

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News from the 2008 Plone Strategic Planning Summit

by Nicolas Bossut — 2008-06-04 14:16

Plone, the sometimes enigmatic open source CMS, has been working hard and planning big changes. The recent wrap up of the 2008 Plone Strategic Planning Summit is proof positive that they are serious about competing in the big world of open source CMS and not getting lost in the mix that is growing rapidly as others pull ahead of the field. (Brown E., News from the 2008 Plone Strategic Planning Summit, in, May 29, 2008.)

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Launchpad: Ubuntu backer seeks open-source collaboration

by Nicolas Bossut — 2008-06-25 17:47

Ubuntu Linux backer Canonical has launched a beta version of its Launchpad service, part of an effort to make open-source programming methods a better match for Microsoft. Launchpad was founded to run the Ubuntu project, but it's now open to other projects. Three such projects — Zope, SilvaCMS and Jokosher — are hosted there now.

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