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PloneGov snags Lutèce d'Or for Open source CMS efforts

by Nicolas Bossut last modified 2007-07-03 11:53

Plone recently received a “Grand prix du jury des Lutèce d’Or 2007” in Paris for its e-government initiatives. The award is bestowed upon open source projects that demonstrate a degree of sustainability and quality in the industry. (NATIVIDAD A., PloneGov Snags Lutèce d'Or for Open Source CMS efforts, in CMSWire, 28.06.07)

The prize was the most prestigious in the ceremony. And with approximately 45 Belgian, French, Spanish, Swiss, Argentinean cities and regions comprising the PloneGov mindshare, the honor was not easily earned.

PloneGov depends primarily on Zope and Plone, two open source tools that provided the initial foundation for the close collaboration between small and mid-sized businesses, the open source community and the public sector. The purpose of the project was fourfold:

  • Enhancing applications’ consistency with users’ needs
  • Promoting collabo-friendly sites
  • Developing recent technologies for widespread use without licensing fees
  • Ensuring publication of sources with GPL

Toward those ends the PloneGov project yielded a module for ordering administrative docs online, a town council management tool that is already in use by some cities, a business directory, and local government websites.

Other tools in the make include a certification functionality via eID card, and a documentary management tool.

PloneGov was an entrant in the “Local governments” category before winning the ceremony’s highest honor.